Seven Kitchen Upgrades That Will Add Value To Your Home


1.  Counters – if your countertops need replacing, think about going with granite.  This will help sell your home faster.

2.  Floors- If your kitchen or home has vinyl, you need to replace it.  Think about going with a floating wood laminate or a tile.

3.  Backsplash – make sure that your backsplash is up to date.  If you don’t have one, consider installing one.  This is another quick fix that stands out for home buyers.

4. Outlets – this is one we don’t think about.  Make sure that all outlets are up to date and think about adding a USB-charging out throughout the home.  This will catch the eye of the home buyer.

5.  Appliances – this will help your kitchen look newer.  This will update your home and add value as well since most home buyers don’t want to deal with out of date appliances.

6.  Cabinets – Kitchen cabinets are a huge part of the kitchen.  Out of date cabinets will turn off potential buyers. You don’t have to rip them off, you might think about repainting them with a more modern color and even staining them to change their look.

7.  Faucet/Sink – if the faucet is dated and crusted with mineral deposit, think about changing it with a modern design.  This will catch the eye of the new buyer.  If you have a porcelain sink, think about reglazing or cleaning them as best as possible.